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Annual Physicals Specialist

Fred Revoredo, MD -  - Family Practice

Elite Premier Medical Care

Fred Revoredo, MD

Family Practice located in Paterson, NJ & Passaic, NJ

Your annual physical is an essential opportunity to check in on your health and talk to your trusted family doctor about your wellbeing. Fred Revoredo, MD, provides annual physicals for patients of all ages at Elite Premier Medical Care in Paterson and Passaic, New Jersey. If you or anyone in your family is due for an annual physical, call Elite Premier Medical Care, or schedule an appointment online today for attentive and knowledgeable care.

Annual Physicals

Why do I need an annual physical?

You feel healthy, so you don’t need to see your doctor, right? Wrong. Your annual physical is an integral part of preventive care that includes health screenings that can reveal diseases before you even experience symptoms. 

In addition to health screenings, your annual physical is an excellent opportunity to talk to Dr. Revoredo about any health concerns. For example, he can help with weight gain, depression, or that annoying, but persistent pain you keep having in your knee. 

Yes, you’re busy, but taking a little time to check in on your health and wellness goes a long way in maintaining your long-term wellbeing.

What should I expect during an annual physical?

When you arrive at Elite Premier Medical Care, the friendly office staff will take copies of your ID and insurance card and confirm your address and contact information. 

Then a member of the clinical team calls you back to check your weight and blood pressure. They may also take a blood or urine sample.

Then you meet with Dr. Revoredo. He reviews your personal and family medical history and asks if you have any health changes or concerns. He listens to your heart and lungs and feels your abdomen. 

Dr. Revoredo also looks into your eyes, throat, and ears. He may also check your reflexes. If you need any additional health screenings, he provides them at this time.

After your physical exam, you and the doctor talk about your health and what you can do to improve it. He may suggest adding physical activity to your day or adjusting your diet to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. 

If you have other concerns, share them with Dr. Revoredo. He’s a valuable resource of health information and education and can help you lead your healthiest life.

What health screenings should I have at my annual physical?

As an adult, you should have routine health screenings depending on your gender, age, and risk for certain diseases. 

For example, the average adult should have their blood pressure checked at least every two years. Women need Pap smears and mammograms, while men need prostate cancer tests. 

Men and women should also have colorectal cancer screenings after the age of 50. Talk to Dr. Revoredo about what screenings you should have to monitor and protect your health. 

If you’re due for an annual physical, call Elite Premier Medical Care, or make your appointment online today.